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The British Red Cross GiggleAid messaging

I wrote the messaging for GiggleAid - a new comedy fundraisier from the British Red Cross.

The Red Cross wanted to balance the fun nature of the event with the serious side of its life-changing work.

The messaging will be used across print and digital promotional channels, giving the event a consistent tone of voice and recognisable brand identity of its own.

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WaterAid messaging guides

I wrote and laid out a set of thematic messaging guides for WaterAid.

The five guides help staff communicate about different areas of the charity's work - hygiene, health, schools, climate change and sustainability.

I took information from long technical documents and made it into clear, concise and accessible messaging, suitable for UK supporters and partners. I aligned the copy with the organisation's new brand personality and tone of voice.

I laid out the documents in InDesign, using WaterAid's refreshed visual identity, presenting the messaging in a clean and simple design.

Feedback has been excellent and the messaging guides are now being used by staff across the organisation to increase supporter engagement and build brand love.

Hygiene toolkit_Page_1.jpg

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