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WaterAid supporter magazine

I wrote the Autumn/Winter '17 edition of WaterAid's supporter magazine - Oasis.

As the theme was how dirty water and a lack of toilets affects children (killing a child every two minutes and having a range of negative impacts), we made the issue a 'kids' takeover'. We invited six local schoolchildren to join the editorial team, collaborating in decision-making and creating content.

The edition was a hit with the 300,000 supporters who received the magazine, generating great feedback over the phone and on social media, and exceeding its financial targets.

The kids loved it too.

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Glastonbury festival branding

I managed the branding of WaterAid's presence at Glastonbury Festival 2017.

This began with writing the core script for its Water Fight campaign, and then rolling this out across all branded materials onsite at the festival.

As this was the first Glastonbury campaign after WaterAid's brand refresh, I wrote all copy in line with its new brand personality and tone of voice.

The Water Fight was one of WaterAid's most successful Glastonbury campaigns, inspiring over 60,000 festival-goers to sign its petition calling on the UK Government to put taps and toilets at the heart of its plans for schools around the world.

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WaterAid website country profiles

I wrote country profiles for WaterAid's website, providing factual information on its work and illustrating it with personal stories that show the impact.

The Where We Work pages were a good opportunity to introduce the UK public and strategic partners to WaterAid's new brand personality and tone of voice. 

I worked with the Digital Content and Experience team to optimise the pages for search engines and user journeys, to increase engagement and income.

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Hello! magazine feature

I accompanied actress/singer and WaterAid ambassador Samantha Barks to Madagascar to see the charity's work first hand. I interviewed her throughout the trip as we visited remote communities and met two of the girls featured in WaterAid's award winning To Be A Girl campaign.

Back in the UK I wrote a four page feature for Hello! magazine in Sam's words. The piece raised awareness of WaterAid's work with a new audience and helped raise £2 million for clean water projects around the world.

Samantha Barks Hello! feature_1.jpg
Samantha Barks Hello! feature_2.jpg

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WaterAid messaging guides

I wrote and laid out a set of thematic messaging guides for WaterAid.

The five guides help staff communicate about different areas of the charity's work - hygiene, health, schools, climate change and sustainability.

I took information from long technical documents and made it into clear, concise and accessible messaging, suitable for UK supporters and partners. I aligned the copy with the organisation's new brand personality and tone of voice.

I laid out the documents in InDesign, using WaterAid's refreshed visual identity, presenting the messaging in a clean and simple design.

Feedback has been excellent and the messaging guides are now being used by staff across the organisation to increase supporter engagement and build brand love.

Hygiene toolkit_Page_1.jpg

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WaterAid multimedia longform content

I co-wrote and edited a multimedia longform piece, on the digital storytelling platform Shorthand, for WaterAid, as part of the Child Of Mine campaign.

I worked alongside the Photo and Film teams to bring WaterAid's work in the Niassa province of Mozambique to life. The piece highlighted the role of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene in giving children a safe and healthy start in life.

The project is a really nice example of how words can complement visual content to tell a story in new and engaging ways.

The campaign went on to change the lives of 100,000 children.

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Menstrual Hygiene Matters handbook

I edited a 354 page practitioner handbook on the subject of menstrual hygiene for a coalition of international development charities, led by WaterAid.

To manage menstruation hygienically and with dignity, it is essential that women and girls have access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, but millions currently lack these basics. 

The nine modules and tools in Menstrual Hygiene Matters cover key aspects of menstrual hygiene in different settings, including communities, schools and emergencies.

The comprehensive resource is now being used by practitioners around the world, enabling women and girls to live healthier, more dignified lives.

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WaterAid MP briefing

I edited a WaterAid briefing for MPs on the Great Stink of 1858 and the lessons we could learn for today’s sanitation crisis.

The briefing needed to get across a combination of historical fact and modern context quickly and creatively for busy politicians at a stunt outside Parliament.

I came up with the concept and wrote the copy for the cover page - a half page flap and interchangeable text that communicated the connection between 1858 and the modern day.

It was well received, with one MP saying it was the most interesting publication he’d been given by a non-profit organisation.

Another Great Stink_Page_1.jpg
Another Great Stink_Page_2.jpg

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Richard Steeleprint, reports, WaterAid