Eat Grub strapline and call to action

I was approached by Eat Grub to come up with a strapline for their insect-based sustainable food brand.

They had some really useful audience insight, which showed their target audience was young, adventurous types passionate about healthy eating and protecting the planet.

Using this insight, and Eat Grub's brand values and voice, I created a number of straplines that would work across the company's communications and be an effective call to action.

Co-founder Shami Radia and his team loved one in particular - 'Join the tiny revolution' - and are now using it on their website, adverts and point of sale collateral.

I'm really excited about the future of Eat Grub and will be keeping an eye on how the strapline helps them to raise their profile and introduce more people to the world of insect-based cuisine!

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