The best/worst decision I will ever make [delete as appropriate]

Photo: Neil Jones

As I type, things are pretty good. I have a nice place in London, one of the most desirable cities in the world (OK, I’m still renting at the age of 38, but we’ll gloss over that). A good job for a well-respected charity. And a handful of friends - actual IRL friends.

Only a fool would give this up, right?

Which is exactly what I’m about to do.

At the end of the month, I’ll be venturing beyond zone 9 (yes Londoners, there is a zone 9) and moving to the Welsh Riviera (Aberystwyth to be precise - just about as far from London as you can get before you hit the sea) to wield my lance (well, pen) freely!

My train of thought currently looks like this:

  • This is the best decision I will ever make.
  • This is the worst decision I will ever make.  

[repeat ad infinitum]

But today at least, I’m feeling positive. I’ve made quite a few stupid decisions in my life (all beginning with the immortal phrase, “Fuck it…”) but I haven’t yet come to regret any of them. And I don’t intend to start now.

So goodbye short sharp breaths through the nose to avoid inhaling cancer-causing pollution - hello big fat lungfuls of fresh sea air!

Goodbye getting up in the dark to get a precious seat on the tube - hello brisk morning walks along the beach to set me up for the day (or, more likely, an extra hour under the duvet).

Goodbye spending money like a man with no arms (my mum’s phrase - and one I’ve never been able to figure out) - hello a life of frugal simplicity (more out of necessity than choice).

Only time will tell if wielding a lance freely in the land of dragons is a wise decision.

I’ll keep you posted.

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